Nets for Various Industries

Our versatile and inexpensive nets truly meet your needs for a broad range of industries.

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Design & Manufacture on Demand

High durability and practicability of our nets are based on our full understanding of your needs and actual scenarios.

With detailed analysis, we select the right materials and additives, design suitable mesh sizes and choose different knit methods to ensure that the performance of our nets can exceed your expectation.

  • Naite Ropenet
  • Naite Ropenet
  • Naite Ropenet
  • Naite Ropenet
Naite Ropenet

Quality is Always

  • Plastic materials

    Durable Materials

    We improve the performance and make our nets withstand the test of time and environmental elements by utilizing functional additives.

  • Working netting machines

    Sturdy Weaving

    Our experienced team develops diverse knitting methods to enhance the resiliency and strength of nets to stand heavy impacts.

  • Pulling force testing of plastic wire

    Quality Control

    As an ISO certified factory, we conduct the aging test and careful inspection according to our strict quality control system before packaging and delivery.

Why Naite Nets

  • Hard diamond

    Our nets combine integrated benefits to maximize your profit, including adjustable shade effect, reliable protection, dust, and wind reduction.

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    High Performance

    We use premium materials and control production strictly to ensure our clients always receive wear, oxidation, and corrosion-resistant nets.

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    Short Delivery Time

    Equipped with auto wire drawing machines and knitting machines, we reach a capacity of 100 tons per month and guarantee short delivery time.

  • Hard diamond

    We balance the material cost and the performance of the nets, using suitable knitting methods and monofilaments in proper diameter.

Our Cases

Naite has produced bespoke nets to satisfy applications in contruction, agricultural, aquacultural, residential, and sports industries.



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